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Aside from an avid attraction to traditional clothes, she greatly likes the cream puffs sold at a bakery by the station of which only thirty pieces are for sale each day.Despite her initial disinterest, she gradually grows to rely on Usa and falls in love with him without even realizing it.She is always on the lookout for something to use against Sayaka and considers Miharu a boxful of Sayaka's weaknesses. She loves to fondle Mayumi, much to the latter's resentment.She hardly leaves her room without any makeup on and it is implied that her bare face is very different.She also becomes interested in Kurokawa, seeing in him a connection with her past self.Eventually, she is able to help Ritsu realize that not only are her feelings for Usa more than friendship, but that he also has feelings for her.

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She can be quite frank with her observations and can be unsparing when she speaks her mind.

And because she knows a lot about how Sayaka behaved in middle school, the other residents often urge her to share the more embarrassing ones.

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