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Lit: select SHREBGT; selecting SHR*EBGT; defense TKWEPBS; defensive TKW*EFPBS; handgun H-G; handed HAPBTD; shotgun SHOG; carried KAERD; comfort KPH-FRT; discomfort SKPH-FRT; weaker WAERBG; repeated RAOEPTD; conceal SKAOEL; reliability R*BLT; rely R*L; reliable R*BL; pistol PEUFL; nine millimeter TPHAO*EUPLT; nighttime TPHAOEUPLT; nightmare TPHAOEURPLT; velocity SR*ELS; caliber KAURBL; diameter TKAOEUFRPLT; overly O*EFRL; overall OEFRL; bullets PWULTS; muzzle PH*UFL; muscle PHUFL; muffle PHUF/EL.

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12-11-17: Q&A: bankrupt PWRUPT; bankruptcy PWRUPS; you know *UPB; you know this TH*UPB; last year KWHRAOER; this year TKWHRAOER; uh-huh #HU; huh-uh #H*U; Internet SPWERPBT; I don't even KWROEPB; I don't even know KWRO*EPB; , you know, A*UPB; trustee TRA*ES; to this TOTSDZ; Google TKPWAOLG; searching SEFRPBG; I get *EUGT; I got *EUGTD; a lot of AEUFLT; a lot of the AEUFLTD; docket TKOBGT; talk about TAUB; talking about TAUG; I just *EUPBLG; did you just TK*UPBLG; my name PHEUPLD; his name HEUPLD; her name HERPLD; first name TPEURPLD; last name HRAPLD; firmed TP*EURPLD.

1-1-18: Q&A: review R*FR; I reviewed *EUFRPD; have you reviewed SR*UFRPD; did you review TK*UFRP; with me W-PL; with my W*PL; , for example, TPRA*FRPLD; take a look THRAOBG; take a look at THRAOBGT; take a look at the THRAOBGTD; I should EURBD; I should have *EUFRBD; I should have been EURBLGS; DUI TKW*U; for me TPOPL; for my TPO*PL; the question T*FP; preparation PR-PGS; in preparation TPHR-PGS; at some point SPOEUPT; I look EUBLG; you looked UBLGD; as a result SARLT; as the result SERLT.

: Q&A: jersey SKWRAERZ; Jersey SKWRA*ERZ; at home THOEPL; did you know TK*UPB; Mr.

Lit: I read EURD; we read WERD; avoid SRAOD; commonly KPHOPBL; expression SPREGS; associate SOET; features TPAOEFPZ; in our lives TPHO*UFRLZ; interpret SPWERPT; interpreting SPWERPGT; knowledge TPHOPBLG; summon SPHOPB; determine TKERPB; determination TKERPBGS; allows HROUZ; allowed HRO*UD; loud HROUD; how often HOUFPB; partner PARPB; instant STPHAPBT; instantly STPHAPBLT; acquaint KW-PBT; acquaintance KW-PBS; instinct ST*EUPBGT; instinctive ST*EUFPBGT; instinctively ST*EUFPBLGT; selection SHREBGZ; vital SRAOEULGTS; carton KAORPBT; cartoon KAO*RPBT; portray POEURT; destiny TK*PBS; human HAOUPL; humanity HAOUPLT.

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1-8-18: Q&A: special SPERBL; specialist SP*ERBLS; expert SPERT; CV KR*F; omitted OEPLTD; graduate TKPWRAT; graduation TKPWRAGS; subsequent SKWEPBT; clinic KHR*EUPBG; clinical KHREUPBL; assistant SAPBT; professor PROEFR; geriatric TKPWAERBG; dementia TKPHEPBT; swallowing SWOELG; psychiatrist SKR*EUS; psychiatry SKR*EUT; Internet SPWERPBT; publication PUGS; mention PHEPBGS; mentioned PH*EPBGS; informed TPH-FD; can you tell us KUTS; cuts K*UTS.Lit: NCRA TPHA*RBG; RPR R*RP; RMR R*RPL; CRR KR*R; designate STKEUGT; designation STKEUPBGS; certify SER; certification SERGS; recognize ROEUZ; recognition ROEUGS; fellow TPO*EL; foal TPOEL; reporters ROERTS; court reporters KROERTS; court reporting KROERGT; manage PH-G; management PH-GT; study STEUD; establishes STAEBZ; professional PROEFL; eligible SKWREUBL; eligibility SKWREUBLT; foundation TPOUPBGS; foundational TPOUPBLGS; official TPEURBL; student STAOUPBT; salary SARL; license HR-PBS; require RAOEUR; requirement RAOEURPLT; look for HRAOFR; looking for HRAOFRG.