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He is 83 this year, so for the 2010 he'll be close to 88. The very best to all and hope to see you in Calgary in 2010. While at the Cemetery, she called from her cell and I asked her to not overlook the boys in Section I (all friends of Dads), including Freddie Harris, his platoon Sergeant. I would have likes to have seen the ones that were over in Korea 1953-54 The 2nd QOR were there. I'm proud of all our soldiers..thanks..if many of the politicans forget... Always Proud Canadian Lad Orillia, ON Canada - Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to the Regiment (145 years young 26 April 2005)and all current and former Riflemen. Retired) Ralph Schoenig Ref: QOR 2005 Reunion Having served in Calgary, Germany, Victoria (Cyprus) with the QOR of C, I look forward to having a beer with old friends and telling a few stories. I note alot of fellow soldiers from my period of service have not yet signed up for the reunion..it on as alot of hard work has gone into the preparation of the 2005 Reunion.This was, is, and will always be a great Regiment and I'm proud to say that I was a member of this fine Regiment. Feel free to email me so I can sort out my "War Stories" It should be a great weekend. Willy Wilson Calgary AB Willy Wilson Just wanted to say hi to all serving and former riflemen from a former QOR Sgt.I don't know when the depot closed but it was certainly there in 1967 because I was seconded from 1 QOR from 1 Mar to 24Jun 67 to train infantry and engineer recruits when the 2nd battalion was in Cyprus. Looking fwd to see you at the Reunion in Jun 05 9 or in Canada 7 JOHN SYDNEY BYATT Very informative site! I am so very glad we were able to keep 'Toppys' medal in Canada.Ray Bunner Ray Bunner I am pleased that Fred Topham's Victoria Cross will remain in Canada. What was his family thinking, to let this piece of Canadian history leave the Country? We are looking forward to seeing long lost friends at the reunion. E.(SAM) I am the youngest daughter of Don & Verla Bernicky and have had the pleasure of getting an email from Len Belanger and have spoken many times over the years to John & Lois Cowick.I love to come onto the site , but I do wonder at the army today, and hope that most of them are just as much fun as they were in the war days, just wish I was 18 and not 80, so that I could find out, bye Heather French Whaz up fellas, C'est Mick.... Chilling with Wackie Frankie and exploring the best features of the city. If anyone born after 1970 reads this outdated site anymore someone tell Brian to give Mick a call before he comes here. Brian Oldfield Any service members that were in Gagetown anytime since 1950 should take a good look at the site The goverment has finally admitted to spraying agent orange/purple and other chemicals on the training area. Also let's see a good representation of QOR in the Canadain Infantry Association - there are already a few Queen's Own in the Association. Warmest regards to all former and current Riflemen. "Once a Queens Own Always a Queens Own" Norm Hinds Greetings from Riflemen serving across the globe! Adam de Bartok I am joining the QOR in October 2005 and can't wait to get started. All of the towns are decorated with flags and signs saying " merci". Flowers in bloom through out surrounded by the huge mature maples. Bonnie Leclerc ( Step Grand-Daughter of RFN James W.Although he is having some memory challenges, it seems he recollects all the "family" of QOR.It gave me great pride to see the many "younger gents" that he had instructed, I think mostly in Germany and Borden, greet him with, " Good to see you here, Sir, Mr. The 2005 Reunion has been featured on this site for over a year.

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Dad (CHARLIE DUNLOP) was overwhelmed by the many friends and comrades that shook hands, spoke with him, a few half bear hugs, etc.Ralph Schoenig I will be attending the Calgary reunion in June. I served with him as a regular force officer at Central Militia Area from 1978 to 1981. In the Dec 2004 Powder Horn Don Ethell's remembrance of the events in Calgary in the 60s are a little fuzzy. Our handsome Jimmy Moore a man of great kindness, courage and family hero has left us. Loving father of Donald (deceased), Marian Read and her husband Larry, Barbara and his granddaughters Deanna and Daniela. Resting at the NEWEDIUK FUNERAL HOME, KIPLING CHAPEL, 2104 Kipling Ave., Etobicoke (two blocks north of Rexdale Blvd.)from Thursday 2 to 4 p.m. Sgt Bill Paton Vancouver, BC Canada - RSM Syd Byatt and his wife Patricia are looking forward to meeting old QOR friends.

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