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20-Oct-2017 04:00

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If you want an example of Hollywood's unfairness, look no further than the fact that Stiles has been nominated for a Golden Globe for her work on Dexter, and will probably get an Emmy nomination as well, while Jennifer Carpenter, who has been doing similar, and no less excellent, work as Deb for five seasons has gone unrecognized.

In the fifth season, the cumulative weight of these tragedies finally starts to take its toll on Deb.

There are serious problems with the way the fifth season handles rape and its aftermath, most notably the fact that Lumen embarks on a sexual relationship only weeks after enduring vicious and repeated rapes, but it also avoids a lot of the clichés of the rape vengeance story, and in so doing both humanizes the rape victim and questions their need for vengeance. The first is that her presence undercuts the series's second most important character, Deb, even as she undergoes what may be the defining moral crisis of her life.

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The character who matches Dexter so perfectly is Lumen Pierce, played by Julia Stiles.Instead, Lumen exudes, even in her most unreasonable and angry moments, a core of ordinariness and sensibleness.

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