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08-Dec-2017 10:23

‘I felt like the oldest virgin in town, and so I just did it at the next opportunity with a boy I’d known for a while.‘It was an empty experience, afterwards I felt nothing but regret.Since then I’ve had four sexual partners, but nothing long-term and nothing special.‘Becoming celibate is my way of giving myself the opportunity to experience that the next time I have sex — for it to be an act of love with someone who truly cares about me.Then there’s the pressure young girls feel to look a certain way — our daughters are growing up believing that if they don’t have large breasts and skinny bodies devoid of pubic hair then they won’t match up to the expectations boys have of womanhood.

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Protecting Kids Online, believes Katherine and Jacie represent the tip of the iceberg when it comes to young women turning away from sex.‘The only winners when it comes to pornography are the people making money out of it as an industry,’ she says.‘And that’s a message we need to get across to children at an early age in their classrooms.‘I’m so tired of hearing a politically correct approach to pornography that tries to normalise every sort of sexual behaviour as being okay.‘We can’t be politically correct when it comes to violent and abusive mainstream pornography because it’s actually destroying our kids’ understanding of sex and relationships.‘We need to teach young people that hardcore pornography is violent, it’s objectifying and it’s not in any way conducive to a loving relationship or gender equality.‘Not only are young people growing up in a hyper-sexed porn culture, they often miss out on learning skills to develop loving relationships.

Little wonder then that young women like Katherine are starting to ask themselves: Where’s the liberation in all this?

‘These days you’re considered a prude by your friends if you’re not putting yourself about,’ she says.

‘Sex education aged 13 basically consisted of “here’s how to put on a condom so you won’t catch an STI [sexually transmitted infection] or get pregnant”.‘I was shocked that at that age adults would presume we were having sex — it seemed ridiculously young.‘There was no guidance at all on the emotional side of sexual relationships, and how it was better to wait until you were with someone you loved.‘The next information I got was when I was 14 and at a friend’s house with a group of mates when someone put porn on a laptop and urged me to look.‘To say I was horrified was an understatement.

It was group sex and these men were doing really horrible things to the girls.

But she made the decision to go celibate two years ago, after yet another meaningless sexual encounter that left her feeling worthless and used.

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